PETROPROJECT an international Corporation trace innovative strategy to compete with the giant companies in the same field who serve the petroleum industry.

The corporation has succeeded to prove their efficiency in the Middle East as an integrated consultant, starting from the Egyptian market; indeed, we have achieved good results with our customers. Also Petroproject has the right of way to serve the growing Oil & Gas sector and other petroleum industries in the world.




Within the beginning 2016, Petroproject developed its core business to in accordance with the requirements of the market and therefore the Foundation has succeeded in stabilizing its experiences in the fields of energy and industrial engineering as well as architectural We continue to learn, update, grow our experience and maintain our ambition and position as a leading International EPC company. We are also growing our business in GCC area and our business strategy for expanding our activities on to Middle Africa.

We take pride in our well-deserved achievements.Petroproject will continue to move forward, driven bystrong ambitions and aspirations.We will always be ready to meet the future challenges

Mohamed Alkhawaga
Corporation Chairman

Core Business

Our EPC corporation business was built on:
Business DIVERSITY... VS ... Deliver EXCELLENCE

Fields that we serve :

Petroleum Industry

Power Industry

Green Energy


Business Services

Business Strategy

The corporation master strategy appears clearly through the reaction of :
Values and Behaviors VS ..Responsibility and Discipline

The strategy built on ..
KeepSustainability Vs Profitability

MISSION was built on the actual understanding of WORLDWIDE
That requires to interact with an intelligent VISION based on the true meaning of EXCELLENCE

The Right Success

One smart and professional target worldwide and excellence and one body organization structure; these examples for our business success pillars. Believing that our generic motto “Realistic Innovation” is a secret key for success and we have one thing in common - that all symbolize, embody or provide tremendous energy

Strategy Tools

Fit for the future

Our activities are developed to serve all forms of energy [fossil fuels and renewables] are becoming more abundant and less costly. Through new technologies, energy will be produced more efficiently and in new ways, helping to meet the expected rise in demand. And the world is working towards a safe future.

Market-led growth

Build competitively advantaged businesses in procurement, manufacturing & architecture and expand our marketing businesses

High tech applications and Venturing

Pursue new ventures and customers to meet rapidly evolving technology, consumer and policy trends, and develop cross-business solutions to create new opportunities or strengthen our existing relationships.

Modernizing and Development

Simplify and modernize so we can continue to compete and seize new opportunities with our customers in a changing world.

The strong performance

Safe and reliable operations, a balanced portfolio and a focus on returns provide the platform for growth which is critical to the successful delivery of our strategy. These build on our business model which having the right people, processes and technology in place to deliver value across all our activities.

Investment Capabilities

Petroproject is pursuing its strategy by setting clear priorities, actively managing a quality portfolio and employing our distinctive capabilities.
The company's objective is to create shareholder value by growing sustainable free cash flow and distributions over the long term

Our investment strategy was updated in accordance with:

Smart priorities
Distinctive capabilities
Quality priorities

Business Growth

  • 2013
    Business Growth
    Cap: 1M L.E.
    Pofit: 22%
    Sustain: 18%
    Projects Fields
    Administation System
    Traditional Basics
  • Business Growth
    Cap: 1M L.E.
    Pofit: 38%
    Sustain: 38%
    Projects Fields
    Consultation - Engineering - Environment
    Administation System
    System Build-Up
  • Business Growth
    Cap: 10M L.E.
    Pofit: 28%
    Sustain: 65%
    Projects Fields
    Consultation - Engineering
    Administation System
    HR Vs Administration
  • Business Growth
    Cap: 10M L.E.
    Pofit: 3%
    Sustain: 88%
    Projects Fields
    Consultation - Engineering
    Administation System
  • Business Growth
    Cap: 10M L.E.
    Pofit: 45%
    Sustain: 90%
    Projects Fields
    Consultation - Engineering - Research
    Administation System
    Administration 5th generation