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We lead by Example

Own a set of principles that drive our day-to-day business activities. They are the backbone of our corporate culture and reinforce our mission, vision, values and ensure our motto.

Team Concept

One Team One Body
In Position In Skills
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Personality Skills
WE Challenge In ...

Worldwide ..VS.. Excellence

Team Vs Market

The business plan is set, strategy thoughtfully documented and funds are in place. You’re ready to go to market or even poised for explosive growth. But, are you surrounded by the best pos¬sible teammates to make the dream a reality?

Our corporation consists of a cadre of talented business team who perfectly fit vital areas of the corporation

Team Vs Realistic Innovation

90% of the innovative projects are meant to fail most of time. Why is this?

Part of the answer lies in the special “innovation teams” who are mandated with finding breakthrough growth in large corporations. Setting the teams up for success is vital, yet corporation soften fail when doing this.

That’s why our corporation has hired the innovative team who can relates this innovation to the real world This team understands the actual work they will do and then optimizing the personnel around these key tivities

As the generation of the idea is only one part of the process.

We believe that a better staff in goal is to bring togethr a team that has the “biggest box” possible rather than thinking outside the box. They also have the concept of integrity between who they know as well as what they know, can both identify gaps in the market and markets in the gap! And under¬stands the difference between good and bad conflict, always setting goals and measuring the progress, they have the mentality to think as if they are a startup entrepreneur, fully committed and motivated.


we lead By Example ... One Mission & One Body

Our key person

built on

Ability and merit

Every one has been able to get success but how to invest them through intelligent and strong organizational system these are our skills

Prof. Dr. Eng. Samy Elgayyar

Research Director

Dr. Eng. Mohamed Abdulaziz

Business development director

Eng. Hussien Nasr

Quality Manager

Eng. Moataz Mostafa

Operation Manager moataz.mostafa@petroproject.org

Prof. Dr. Eng. Mohamed Ahmed Al-annah

Professor of production engineering & design at AUC

Dr. Eng. Ayman Mohamed khodeir Wasfy

Professor of roads & occupation at AUC

Dr.Eng. Rashwan Alawy Mohamed Mahannah

Professor of design & remote controlling at AUC

Dr. Eng. Essmat Mohamed Yousef Badran

Assistant professor of power mechanics

Ms. Nourhanne Elbanna

Admin. Manager nourhanne.albanna@petroproject.org

Mr. Abdlazim tawfiq

Financial manager

Ms. Ghada tawfiq

Legal affairs manager

Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager

Senior Process Engineer

Senior Process Engineer

Eng. Ahmed Alshamy

Senior Mechanical Engineer ahmed-alshamy@petroproject.org

Eng. Sherehan Mostafa

Senior Arch. Engineer sherihan.mostafa@petroproject.org

Eng. Omayma El-Bahrawy

Arch. Engineer omayma.elbahrawy@petroproject.org

Eng. Rana Elmansoury

Arch. Engineer Rana.Elmansoury@petroproject.org

Eng. Atef Nagy

Petroleum Engineer atef.nagy@petroproject.org

Mufti El-Ganzouri

Marketing Specialist mufti.elganzouri@petroproject.org

Raghda Samir

Marketing Specialist raghda.samir@petroproject.org

Salma Khafagy

Marketing Specialist salma.khafagy@petroproject.org

Samar Youssef

Marketing Specialist samar.youssef@petroproject.org